frak/ture journal - 'edges' in Vietnam

My poem 'edges' has been featured in Volume 3 of the online journal Frak/ture.

I wrote the poem in my head as I was waiting for a meal. I was by myself in a family restaurant in Mui Ne. It was a room at the back of the family's house, with the ocean almost lapping at their back door. There were children's drawings all over the walls, and there was a boat pulled up on the shore with Aloe Vera growing in it. I had my longest conversation ever in Vietnamese (a few minutes) with the mother, and I was was buzzing with a hit of self-efficacy, and with the joy of feeling connected to people (I had left my phone behind). I was struck by how different the coastline was to the one I grew up on, and yet being on a coast, any coast, made me feel at home.

I thought I would not see home for a year, because the pandemic was in its infancy and I still thought I had a year of dog-sitting abroad before me, so the thought of home was a heavy one. Home had almost burnt down a month earlier. I felt the absence of my friend Trang, who I was supposed to be in Mui Ne with, but who couldn't make it. Between all of those thoughts, this poem manifested.

You can read 'edges' here, published June 2020.

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